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Community organizing for prevention and empowerment (C.O.P.E.) is dedicated to the promotion of health and
well-being of our community.

C.O.P.E. is a community based health organization serving the city of Paterson by providing science-based prevention education programs, professional development training, advocacy, information and referral services, that address issues of substance use prevention, recovery support, ATOD dependence and other emerging issues of concern to the community.

Our mission is to foster collaboration among key community sectors in an effort to increase the capacity for health promotion prevention activities. We aim to accomplish these goals through direct service delivery, outreach, education, and community empowerment. The cornerstone of our efforts is building strong partnerships that could direct communities toward positive outcomes. We are firmly committed to dismantling structural and environmental barriers that maintain health inequity among underserved populations and promoting opportunities that engage communities in action- orientated change.